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Free Hearing Evaluation & Video Otoscope Exams Available. Limited availability. Call  (716) 672-2061 to reserve your appointment.

Our location in Fredonia NY specializes in providing hearing health solutions to help discover and alleviate hearing problems in a variety of people. Our on site hearing specialists are happy to schedule a free hearing evaluation to help determine your unique hearing needs.  We provide on site video otoscope exams so that you can see inside your ear canal. Your appointment will help determine whether or not you have a hearing loss or if it is simply just ear wax.  There is no obligation to purchase additional products and services.  Call today to reserve your appointment.

 Staff Biographies

Jessica Maziar, Fredonia

Jessica has been working for Hearing Health for two years. In 2011, she received an award for Overall Customer Satisfaction. One of Jessica’s favorite parts of her job is being able to help people get a little piece of their life back with their hearing aids.  She enjoys being able to program the hearing aids based on what sounds best to her patients.

“I am more than pleased with Jessica. She is careful, thorough, and entirely professional- including a delightful personality!” – James C.